Shagufta Rahman, as an entrepreneur, writer and social activist has been serving her nation since 2005. With her expertise and experience, she has put contributions to uplift women entrepreneurs. Shagufta has added an overall positive impact in gender mainstreaming of Pakistan. She is involved in policy making, strategic planning, productive collaborations, and communications with national and international organizations.

Shagufta knows the importance of women’s empowerment and this is why she has been dedicating her whole life to this cause. As Senior Vice President of  Women Chamber Lahore (2019-2020), Shagufta  focused her mind on helping women getting their rights in all spheres of life such as economic, educational, political, psychological, and social. She has been putting effort all her life so that women can gladly choose their religion, language, workplace, and other activities by having equal rights to men. Shagufta has used her writing skills as well to fight for women empowerment.

With a devoted team, she aims to widen her expertise in the field of writing and branding.