Visa And HBL Launch A Global “She’s Next” 2023 Program for Women Empowerment

Visa Inc.

Visa, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as V, is a big shot in the world of digital payments. They help people, shops, banks, and even governments all around the globe make transactions. Think of them as the bridge that connects everyone, no matter which of the 200 countries or territories they're in. Visa's goal is simple but powerful:

Link the world through the most creative, handy, trustworthy, and secure payment network.

They want to make sure that individuals, businesses, and whole economies can flourish.

Visa believes in inclusive economies—ones that involve everyone, everywhere. They see access to their services as the key to the future of how money moves around. It's like they're making the world of payments a better, more connected place for all of us.


In 1947, Habib Bank Limited (HBL) made history by becoming the first commercial bank in Pakistan. Since then, it's been on a journey of growth, expanding its branch network and securing its spot as the biggest private sector bank in the country. Picture this: 1750+ branches, 2200+ ATMs, and 55,000+ Konnect by HBL agents (that's their branchless banking platform). Not to forget, they have 47,000+ QR locations, reaching out to a whopping 36 million clients worldwide.

HBL isn't just a big deal in Pakistan; it's a major player internationally, holding the title of the largest Domestic Bank. They've strategically positioned themselves in key trade zones around the world. The secret sauce to their success? Being recognized as the leading financial institution in the country, all thanks to their client-centric approach and innovative financial services. HBL is more than just a bank; it's a financial force driving positive change.

“She’s Next” program for Women Empowerment

In the realm of business led by women in Pakistan, a recent survey from Visa's Women SMB Digitization Index has pinpointed three major hurdles: funding, digitization, and advisory challenges. In response to these obstacles, Visa, a global frontrunner in digital payments, is introducing its renowned She’s Next grant program in Pakistan. This marks the program's inaugural launch in the country, and it comes in collaboration with HBL.

Details of The Survey

Visa Inc. releases the following results from its study of Pakistani women entrepreneurs for the She's Next Women SMB Digitization Index:

  • Funding is a problem for women-owned enterprises; 86% of them turn to personal savings.
  • 99% of female business owners intend to digital their enterprise.
  • 98% of companies run by women are interested in training connected to payments.
  • 67% of female entrepreneurs think there is a great opportunity to become cashless and digitize their businesses.

 A Challenging Business Environment

Pakistani women are motivated by a deep love of business. Data shows that their top motivations are:

  • Leadership: 41%
  • Financial Independence: 48%

When it comes to funding challenges we find

  • 86% of them finance their enterprises out of personal funds.
  • 63% ask friends and relatives for financial assistance.

This demonstrates the perseverance of Pakistani women business owners in the face of formidable obstacles to obtaining outside capital.

Desire To Share Knowledge

Pakistani women business owners are always looking to learn from their colleagues.

Needs for Specific Assistance:

  • Overcoming Obstacles: 61%
  • Growing Online Sales: 54%
  • Assembling a Skilled Team: 43%
  • Nearly all female entrepreneurs (98%) have a Strong Interest in Payment-Related training.

Interests in Holistic Workshop:

  • Crisis managers manage stress: 46%
  • Social Media Use for Efficient Marketing: 40%
  • Establishing a Lucrative Internet Store: 32%

Pakistan has a thriving entrepreneurial community, which emphasizes how important it is to fulfill these complex demands for group progress.


When it comes to digitization, the survey reveals that

  • 70% of women entrepreneurs proudly claim to be digitally savvy.
  • 99% of respondents plan to digitize their businesses, Focus areas include:
  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Business Leadership
  3. AI and Automation
  4. Software Implementation
  5. Analytics Tools for Insights
  6. Tools for Customer Engagement and Retention
  • 69% use both cash and cashless modes.
  • Digital payments take precedence over cash in online and offline platforms.

Since 2020, Visa has invested around US $3 million for women empowerment. Over 250 grant and coaching opportunities are provided through the She's Next grant program. Its global impact includes regions such as the US, Canada, India, Ireland, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Morocco.

How to Apply

You can visit the HBL site or social media account to fill out the application for the grant program. You can also copy & paste the following link:

Last date to apply is December 2, 2023

The initiative aims to provide targeted support, addressing the specific needs of women-led businesses and fostering a more inclusive and empowered entrepreneurial landscape in Pakistan.

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