Best Search Engines 2021

Best Search Engines 2021

The word Google is often used as a transitive verb as well. But there are other search engines than Google, which daily accommodate billions of queries from different parts of the world. It may be a surprise to many people, but it is a fact. Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining a 92.26% market share in 2021 compared to its market rival, Bing, with 2.44% of the market.

Best Search Engines 2021

List of Best Search Engines 2021

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Baidu
4. Yandex
5. CC Search
6. Swisscows
7. DuckDuckGo
8. StartPage
9. Search Encrypt
10. Gibiru
11. OneSearch


When it comes to search engines, Google holds 92.26% of the market share. A user-friendly interface and personalized user experience are its key features. But every search and every click are recorded.


Until January 2020, Microsoft sites will hold a quarter of all searches in the USA. Bing has a reward program for starters, and these points are redeemable at Microsoft stores in the USA. When it comes to the GUI, Bing image search comes out on top. When it comes to the graphical interface, Bing excels over its rivals.


The dominant search engine in China, Baidu, was founded in 2000. Though Baidu has little influence outside China, it has more than 3.3 billion searches every day. They are paying more attention to Artificial Intelligence and offering a number of services, like Google.


Outside the USA, Yandex is used by 45% of Russian users. Not only in Russia, but it is also widely used in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine. Another good point is that Yandex offers a set of useful tools.
CC Search:
CC search provides us with copyright-free content. If we need music, video, a blog, or any other type of information, feel free to use it as no one will follow you for copyright issues.


Swiss Cow answers your queries accurately and uses artificial intelligence. It does take care of the user’s privacy and does not keep a record of the user’s search research.


DuckDuckGo also keeps your personal information private and does not sell it anywhere.


Startpage provides answers to Google but does not store their search history. A URL Generator, a Proxy Service, and HTTPS support are its key features. The URL generator is unique and does not support cookies.


Search Encrypt is a private search engine. Its unique feature is that it uses local encryption to ensure your searches remain private. Another amazing feature is that our searches expire after some time, and our search history cannot be tracked even if our computer is used by someone else.


There is no tracking at Gibiru. It respects your privacy. Gibiru does not install tracking cookies, so it is faster than “NSA Search Engines”.


Privacy-focused search engine one search is a venture of Verizon Media launched in January 2020.

Wiki. Com: consults thousands of wikis on the net before answering you. Community-based Wikipedia is an example.

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