42 Amazing Facts About the Holy Quran

The Quran, revered globally as Muslims' literal word of God, occupies an unparalleled position in religious discourse. Beyond its profound spiritual essence, the Quran delivers a message of mercy, hope, and peace. The Quran boasts a rich tapestry of unique details. With its gradual revelation spanning over two decades and its astonishing scientific allusions predating modern discoveries, the Quran remains a source of awe and inspiration. It also holds a wealth of amazing facts that extend beyond its spiritual significance.

  1. Holy Quran was revealed on ----- Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  2. Meaning of the Quran----- That which is being read (recitation)
  3. No. of Surahs----- 114
  4. No. of Paras----- 30
  5. Madni Surahs----- 32 (12 Disputed)
  6. Maki Surahs-----82
  7. Revelation Time-----23 Years (AD 610 to AD 632)
  8. longest Surah-----Surah Baqra (1st chapter)
  9. Shortest Surah-----Surah Khawthar (108th chapter)
  10. Longest Verse-----Verse#282 of Surah Al-Baqarah
  11. Revelation was sent through-----Angel Gabriel
  12. Prophets mentioned in Quran-----25
  13. Revelation was started in the month of-----Ramadan
  14. The word “Quran” repeated in the book-----70 times
  15. No. of Sajood in the Quran----14
  16. No. of Rukus in Quran-----558
  17. Surah not to start with Bismillah-----Surah Al-Tawba
  18. “Bismillah”appears twice----Surah An-Namal(27th chapter)
  19. Shortest verse of the Quran-----Verse#64 of Surah Ar-Rahman
  20. Best Drink mentioned in the Quran-----Milk
  21. Maximum times used letter in the Quran-----Alif
  22. Fewest times used letter in the Quran-----Za
  23. Longest word of the Quran----- " فَأَسْقَيْنَاكُمُوهُ " Verse#22 of Surah Al-Hijr(15th chapter)
  24. Surah Al-Fatihah referred to as ------ Mother of the Quran
  25. Surah Yaseen(36th chapter)referred to as-----Heart of the Quran
  26. Surah Rahman(55th chapter)is referred to as-----Beauty of the Quran
  27. Ghazwas Mentioned in The Holy Quran ------ 12
  28. Animals Mentioned in The Holy Quran ------16
  29. Biggest Animal to be Mentioned in The Holy Quran ------ Elephant
  30. Smallest Animal to be Mentioned in The Holy Quran ------ Mosquito
  31. Holy Quran Has BeenTranslated ------ 103 Languages
  32. Rewards Against Reading a Single Letter From the Quran------10
  33. Best Month Among All Months ------ Ramadan
  34. Name Muhammad Mentioned in the Holy Quran ------ 4 times
  35. Surahs Named After Prophets ------ 6 Surahs
  36. Only Female Name Mentioned in The Holy Quran ------ Maryam (A.S.)
  37. Only Sahabi Mentioned in the Qur'an ------ Zayd Ibn Haarithah (R.A.) in verse# 37 of Surah Al-Ahzab (33rd chapter)
  38. Words Man and Woman Appear in the Quran ------ 24 Times
  39. “Bismillah ir-Rahmaani ir-Raheem” appears in the Holy Quran ------ 114 times
  40. Best Food Mentioned in the Holy Quran ------ Honey
  41. Most Mentioned Prophet in The Holy Quran ------ Prophet Moosa (A.S.)
  42. Age of The Prophet at The Time of Revelation------ 40 years

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to revise the verses of the Quran with Angel Jibril every year. The year before his death, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) revised the Quran with Jibril twice.

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