Rumble’s New Partnership Program A Hope for Small Creators

Chris Pavlovski led the creation of Rumble, which is more than just an online video platform. It's a dynamic fusion of cloud computing and web hosting services—a complete digital sanctuary.

Chris Pavlovski wanted Rumble to be a safe haven for independent content producers, a place where there would be no overriding priorities like there were on YouTube. It was a reaction to Google's bias for influencers, which ignored the more insignificant, but no less dynamic content creators. Rumble has arisen as a symbol of egalitarianism, encouraging a setting in which creativity is unconstrained by physical limitations.

Rumble has launched a unique partnership program, with the hope of inspiring a sense of community and showing appreciation for their hard work beyond simple praise. This project is a dynamic journey that is always being modified and improved. Imagine that this is the start of a great opportunity that has opened the door for 50 visionaries to participate in this exclusive endeavor.

How to Apply for the Rumble Partnership Program

There is a very simple process to join this program. However, there are a few requirements to be a part of this partnership program.

  • At least 2 streaming hours per day, over at least 5 days a week
  • Minimum of 50 Rumble followers, maximum of 2,000
  • You must promote every stream on your socials

If you fulfill the requirements and are among the 50 creators who will be selected in the first round, then you will be able to earn $500 every 30 days.

Here is the link that can open up a new realm for the creators like you:

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