Qirat Competition Lahore Chamber 2022

Qirat Competition Lahore Chamber 100th anniversary 2022Peer Noor Ul Haq Qadri

We’re celebrating our 100th anniversary:

2022 is a big year for the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries Lahore. A Centenary celebration started from 28th February, to 6th March. President, Mr. Nauman Kabeer, Senior Vice President, Mr. Mian Rehman Aziz and Vice President Mr. Haris Ateeq along with the executive committee rang its 100th year with a Qirat Competition.

This magnificent spiritual gathering was sponsored by Qudrat Ullah Company-renowned publisher of Pakistan. Saad Ullah from Qudrat Ullah Company, Executive Member Mr. Rizwan Haider,  Secretory General Mr. Shahid Khalil and Mr. Aasim Chaudhry form Event Management LCCI were there throughout the competition to run the event smoothly. Federal Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Mr. Noor Ul Haq Qadri was the chief guest of the final competition. Trophies and Cash prizes for the Winners were announced by the sponsors. Mr. Qudrat Ullah also announced trophies and gift hampers for all participants.  Qirat Competition Lahore Chamber 100th anniversary 2022

Pre Qualification Rounds

The Qirat competition had three Pre-Qualification rounds

  1. Group-A Male (12 years to 20 years)
  2. Group-B Male (20 years to 40 years)
  3. Group-C Female (12 years to 40 year)


Judges for these competitions were

  1. Maulana Ahmed Mian Thanvi (Maulana Ashraf Thanvi' grandson)
  2. Maulana Abdul Naseer Alvi from Jamia Ashrafia
  3. Maulana Iftikhar Ahmed Noori from Jamia Naeemia
  4. Qari Zeeshan Haider from Islamabad
  5. Mufti Intikhab Ahmad Noori


Winners of the A category are:

  1. Qari Huzema Shakir
  2. Hafiz Abdul Basit
  3. Hafiz Abdullah Asif

Winners for the B category are:

  1. Qari Muhammad Raiz
  2. Qari Muhammad Suffiyan
  3. Qari Hafiz Ateeq

Winners for the C category are:

  1. Qaria Sobia Sajjad,
  2. Qaria Fatima Farooq
  3. Qaria Maniha Saleem

All participants of the Competition were awarded with trophies. Azka Rahman and Hafiz Hadi Ur Rahman got the Appreciation Award by the distinguished guests.

100th anniversary 2022, Mian Nauman Kabeer, Shagufta Rahman, Hadi Ur Rahman, Azka Rahman


100th anniversary 2022, Mian Nauman Kabeer, Shagufta Rahman, Hadi Ur Rahman, Azka RahmanFederal Minister Noor Ul Haq Qadri appreciated the efforts of all participants and praised the business community of Lahore for arranging such a tremendous event. He also briefed the audience about the success of Seerat Un Nabi International Conference. He also announced that a unanimous translation of Holy Quran was organized by the religious leaders of all sects. He also informed that a bill for the error free publication of the Holy Quran was also presented in the assembly. He was presented a souvenir by the President LCCI Mr. Nauman Kabir.

Qudrat Ullah compamy, Qirat Competition LCCI 2022 by Blogsbysr and Shagufta Rahman

Mr. Nauman Kabeer was astonished by the quality of Qirrat of all participants. He admired the efforts of all participants. The most important fact was they all were non professionals and most of them were on the stage for the first time. He stated

positions are just the demand of the competition, we cannot grade any qari or qaria.

He further said

Chamber has been here to support and strengthen local businesses, to help make Pakistan a better place to live, work and enjoy community.

"The Chamber has been dedicated to the community and to businesses for 100 years. Our mission may be slightly evolved now, but the principles remain the same: promote the civic and commercial progress of Lahore and the immediate area. With 100 years under our belt, we’re looking forward to the future and our continued commitment to ensuring a vibrant and prosperous community for future generations".

He also explained

“Especially coming off of a pandemic when so many chambers had to just lay off staff,...... . The fact that we’ve endured through pandemics and economic busts … the fact that we have been here consistently supporting our business is huge.”

Senior Vice President of the chamber Mr. Rehman Aziz Chan remarked:

Such activities not only promote the soft image of the Pakistan but also accelerates the economic activity.

Vice President of LCCI Mr. Haris Ateeq worded

100 hundred successful years of LCCI show business community' trust on the policies of LCCI

With the promise of holding such spiritual gatherings again, the meeting came to an end.


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