What Can Be Used to Put Out a Campfire?

how to put out campfires

How to Put Out A Camp Fire

A campfire is not only an enjoyment for outdoor lovers, but also necessary to keep them warm. It is noted that while backpacking, we ignore the things required to extinguish fires when we are done roasting, singing and dancing.

 Measures Before Setting Up A Camp Fire

  • Select a place away from flammable items like tents, hand sanitizers, etc.
  • Check the direction of the wind.
  • Don't throw random materials into the fire.
  • Dirt, sand or water should be well aimed.
  • Making a fire ring is highly recommended, that also looks visually lovely.

Water - Best Way to Put Out a Camp Fire

Slowly throw water over the fire, until the embers completely fade away.

Carefully listen to the hissing sound, when it disappears, stop pouring water.

Now use a shovel or stick to stir the ashes. Hot charcoals can hide at the edges or in the creases of the fire pit, so thoroughly check for hot ashes and add more water to be on the safe side.

3 Ways to Put Out Camp Fire Without Water

Though the safest way to put out a camp fire is water, but if water is not available you can use the following three ways :

  1. Throw dirt or sand over the hot embers or ashes
  2. Build fire under the surface level (around 1 feet deep and 2 feet in diameter)
  3. Flip the sand or dirt underneath the live ashes.

Always keep shovels or similar tools while backpacking to put out fire with or without water.

Note: It is highly recommended to choose camping place near a water source.


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